Please consider the following!

In lieu of a quick shutdown I was left to think about what advice I could leave behind that would be of significant value for your businesses, especially in the long-term picture. ¬†There were quite a few new things I have learned over the past few years, mostly from my involvement with Bleeping Computer, the¬†Unified […]

Closing One Door to Open Another

Hello Everyone, Over the years we have had an excellent opportunity to grow together, and in doing so we are thankful for every chance we had to assist you with your technology needs. Sometimes in life we are required to take on a new direction in order to follow a path that was not evident […]

Hello world!

Hello world, although you seem intimidating at times I am happy that you are also full of wonder, and I am thankful to exist in this space and time in which I get to serve those I love. Anyway this is where our blog will go, I am not sure what it will include just […]