Please Note: The DataAdmin Las Vegas office is closed as of 2016/04/20

Please see the articles below for more information:

Regarding shutdown: Closing One Door to Open Another

Advice moving forward: Please consider the following!

Welcome to DataAdmin! We are currently renovating our website so watch out for new layouts, changing content, and general good news!

We are an IT company set out to make a difference, providing a professional, consistent, and integral experience with your computer network along with an attitude that we are truly happy to help. We care about our customers and show it with an ambition to solve any problem, rise to any challenge, and work through any issue with endless persistence and a cheerful disposition atypical in our industry. It boils down to one thing – we do this because we love what we do!

Our services include nearly anything you need, but below is a list of common tasks we perform for our customers. The goal is to work as your “technology liason” – if you have any questions about any technical device in your office, feel free to forward them our way, we will either help resolve the issue or help you find someone who can!

  • installing, maintaining, upgrading, repairing computer hardware
  • installing, maintaining, upgrading, repairing computer software (including industry-specific applications, such as Quickbooks, Sage Peachtree, American Contractor, Nextech, PCLaw, TimeMatters, NovaPOS, ReSource, PARIS, SAM, Exaktime, TrueCrypt/PGP, Trend EIS/RIS, Procare Software, Google Apps, Office 365, Eyefinity OfficeMate, and more)
  • installing, maintaining, upgrading client/server environments (including Windows Server, NAS devices, Active Directory, and more)
  • installation and configuration of network equipment (including SOHO devices and some Cisco equipment)
  • backup and disaster recovery services (including cloning and recovering failing hard drives)
  • management of domain registration, website hosting, and e-mail systems (ask about our HostGator coupon for 25% off!)
  • management of VOIP systems (including phone configuration, troubleshooting, and system changes)

All work performed is documented in line-by-line detail that is kept for our records as well as translated to the invoice. As we learn more about your network we start to build a profile about your company, keeping a copy of your network documentation for quick reference. The advantage to working with us is you will receive a customized experience akin to an internal IT department, except we only show up when you call us!